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<b>Indigo Industrial Supplies Ltd</b> have been supply Self Adhesive tapes since 1998 and have become a leading independant supplier of Tapes for all applications

We stock a massive range of Single & Double Sided Tapes available for next-day delivery throughout the UK and Europe, we also export to most countries

We offer competitive prices, super quality and a fast and friendly service

Price Guarantee - If you manage to find the same product cheaper, please call us on 01268 768 768 to take advantage of our Price Beater Guarantee, we are here to save you £££'s

Free Samples - Often its hard for customers to know if a particular tape is suitable, no problem! Customers are able to buy single rolls of all our Tapes or we can proveide free samples*


Cloth Tape - Also known as elephant, duct and gaffer. Our range of Cloth Tapes is second to none and includes a full range of colours, plus grades including extra heavy duty, low tack peelable and matt versions. We currently supply cloth tape to a diverse range of industries including aerospace, theatres, tv and film studios, insulation contractors to name just a few

Double Sided Tape - We can find the right bonding solution for you. We stock a huge range including 3M Double Sided Tape, Scap, Tesa 4965, Advance, Double Sided Cloth, Double Sided Foam, Double Sided Acrylic Tape, Double Sided Tissue, Double Sided 3m VHB Tape ref 4910, 4918, 4950, 4912 and 5952 plus many more Double Sided Tapes

Aluminium Foil Tape - A self adhesive backed Foil Tape ideal for ducting

Antislip Tape - We stock and manufacture a huge range of antislip tape solutions suitable for recreational areas such as stairways, work areas, machine shops, hazardous floors, industrial equipment, lawn equipment, trucks and trailers, playgrounds, pool areas and much more

Barrier Tape - Barrier tapes are a completely non-adhesive tape used as a temporary barrier. Our range includes standard barrier tapes in various grades, police barrier tapes and custom printed to your specifications

Duotec Reclosable Fastener - Duotec is a reclosable mushroom fastener very similar to the 3M dual lock range. Manufactured in germany duotec is a very high specification fastener supplied with a range of very high bond adhesives

Floor/Line/Lane Marking Tape - Our high grade floor marking tape comes in many widths and colours. Either apply by hand or with our floor marking tape applicator

Foam Tape - We stock both single sided and double sided foam tapes

Hazard Warning Safety Tapes - Mind your head with our range of high quality hazard warning safety tapes

High Temperature Tapes - If you cant stand the heat, get out of the kitchen! Well our range of professional heat resistant tapes can certainly handle the heat

Magnetic Tape - Make anything magnetic with our popular self adhesive magnetic tape. Please go to our "magnetic materials" section to view our extensive range of magnetic products

Masking Tape - Masking Tape

We stock both general purpose and premium grades of masking tape. Samples available upon request

Packaging Tape - Our packaging tapes are available in many widths and grades including polypropylene, low noise and vinyl pvc. We also offer a custom print service

Low Tack Protection Tape - Low tack peelable protection tape which offeres excellent scratch and dirt resistance to all hard surfaces including window frames etc. See our "temporary surface protection" section for our carpet, window, hard surface and floor protection tapes

Printed Tape - Promote your company or brand with our range of printed packaging tapes. Our print quality is second to none using the latest technology. We can print upto 4 colours. Call us to take advantage of our price beater guarantee

Reflective Tape - We stock a range of reflective tapes and reflective paint, we can also supply a range of 3M reflective tapes and materials to order

Tamper Evident Tape & Labels - Stop pilfering with our fantastic tamper evident tapes. Available in red or blue

Tesa Tapes - Tesa is one of the worlds leading brands of self adhesive tapes and for good reason. The Tesa range is huge and we can supply the lot. Tell us the Tesa 4 digit reference number for a quick quotation or tell us about your application and we will help you find the right solution

3M Tapes - 3M is one of the worlds best adhesive tape brands. The 3M range is extensive to say the least, with solutions for pretty much every need and solutions which work. We stock some 3M tapes but offer the full range as a special order item, simply tell us the 3M 4 digit reference number or details of your application

Scapa Tapes - Scapa is a very well trusted brand of self adhesive tapes. In particular scapa offer an exceptional range of high quality cloth tapes. If you know your scapa reference number we can give you an instant quotation, otherwise we will happily work with you to find you the right product

Hook & Loop Tapes - The Hook & Loop Fastener is an incredible invention which today is used in hundreds of varying applications from displays and shoes fastenings to straps and cable ties. Many industries use this technology including the exhibition, aerospace, medical furniture and clothing. We stock a massive range which includes hook and loop tape, dots, squares, straps, cable ties in both adhesive and non adhesive

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